Our story

We have been distributing stationery and accessories for 40 years

Let's live together the story of a company of stationery wholesalers called Pierantoni that has written a part of the history of Italian stationery in the last forty years. 

Long years of work, commitment and dedication carried forward by the determination of those who decided to found a reality that in the course of time could make a difference. 

1980s-Founding of the company:
In 1984 the company's first headquarters opened in Bologna. The founding partners combined organizational and entrepreneurial spirit by founding Pierantoni Spa and making their way into the world of school supplies distribution. 
With dedication and commitment, they succeeded in building a company that continues to grow and evolve, offering a wide range of quality products for offices and businesses.
1989 represents one of the first important years, the move to the Cadriano warehouse.

1990s - Expansion and consolidation:
As demand for office supplies increases, Pierantoni decides to expand, opening a larger storage warehouse to handle the growing variety of products.
It introduces efficient delivery services to please customers and establishes a strong consolidation of supplier relationships to ensure the quality of products distributed.

Years 2000 - 2010 Entry into the online market:
With the advent of technology and e-commerce, Pierantoni decides to expand its online presence.
It begins with a website that allows customers to place orders online quickly and conveniently.
This strategic step significantly increases the company's reach, attracting customers from all over Italy.

Years 2010 - 2012 Sustainability and Innovation:
Responding to growing environmental concerns, Pierantoni is committed to sustainability,
introducing eco-friendly products and environmentally friendly business practices. 
In addition,conspicuous investments aimed at new technologies to optimize warehouse management and improve operational efficiency begin.

Years 2012- 2017 Affiliation Project with thiKreative:
"The most creative stationers in town" represents a very important claim for us. A commercial project aimed at businesses that wanted to stand out. Being able to build a network of Stationers' shops that through initiatives and promotions increased their flow of customers. So many commercial initiatives have taken turns over the years giving rise to ever-growing collaborations.

Years 2017 - 2020 Technology is increasingly entering our reality:
After years of study and work to facilitate the management of the flow of goods, a new second-generation distribution logistics is implemented in Pierantoni. The introduction of a new area in automation for goods entry and quality control.

Years 2020 - 2024 - 40th anniversary celebration

In 2024, Pierantoni celebrates its 40th anniversary with an established reputation in the industry. 
The company continues to grow, expanding the range of products offered and maintaining an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 
With a solid customer base, a positive reputation and a dedicated team, Pierantoni looks to the near future with confidence and determination.


A journey within our walls



Who do we cater to? 

Our Mission has always been clear: a company open to dialogue and discussion with its customers. Pieantoni represents that partner with whom to establish a relationship of transparent and direct collaboration. We are committed to working on operating methods by simplifying and customizing them in relation to the customer. 

The Stationery and Office Market is set to transform and integrate with software and hardware technologies that are changing its foundations. Stationery and office products are transforming from simply supporting information to being a distinctive element of information. 

In a market that offers a vision of continuous evolution, Pierantoni is the right partner to compress this need, always related to speed and punctuality. With ever-evolving distribution logistics, Pierantoni is always closer to the customer and his needs.
"We pride ourselves on being more than just a stationery distributor.
We are the bridge that connects your stationery needs with reliable and innovative solutions.

With passion and determination, we strive to exceed your expectations by providing not only high quality products,
but also unparalleled customer service. We are here to simplify your procurement process,
so that you can focus on your core business with the peace of mind that your stationery is always available and reliable.
We are more than a supplier; we are your partner in growth and efficiency.

Thank you for choosing to walk with us on this journey. "

Pierantoni S.p.A. is one of the nation's leading companies specializing in wholesale paper, stationery, office, toys, seasonal and gift items. 
Pierantoni S.p.A. 

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